The palatial Erottaja Neo-Renaissance building – a landmark essential to Helsinki’s architectural heritage – will be converted into office spaces and restaurants in a renovation beginning in autumn 2019.




DrumDynamo & Son Zoan

Riikka Kantinkoski



Before the project, Trevian, a real estate investment and asset management company, put the marketing of the project out to tender. Interior Architects Fyra won the interior design bid. It was a cooperation project together with creative agency Dynamo & Son and PR agency Drum.

Strategy & Delivery

Fyra’s assignment was to portray how the Neo-Renaissance building from 1891 and the Art Nouveau space from 1905 can function as a modern working environment. That vision was then used in planning the advertisement material and site visits. Fyra designed a visual customer journey map in the premise and chose the spaces that were to be renovated and through which you can walk and experience the interior.



Fyra brought the space to life by creating a contrast to the opulent details and bold colours. Modern Finnish furniture and large carpets were used to soften, balance out and add a contemporary vibe to the premises. Fyra provided also the designs of the 3D images for the advertisement video. In the video, behind each door and in the courtyard, everything is Fyra’s handiwork. 3D models: Zoan


Niina Sihto

Senior Designer,
WP and Concepts

+358 (0)40 508 0332

Sara Koivisto

(on parental leave)
Interior Architect
Concept Designer

+358 (0)50 365 7219