Design needs to be rethought. Fyra strives to create high quality, circular designs through ambitious, responsible choices. To design a space, furniture or building sustainably the whole lifecycle or rather even the lifecycles to come need to be considered.

naava oasis, structure to create a well-ness stop-by point in any office

Fyra is committed to finding ways to create high‐quality interior designs with a smaller carbon footprint. Interior design has significant emission reduction potential, which Fyra aims to achieve. Together with the customer, Fyra draws up an environmental sustainability plan that identifies the best solutions for the specific project.

Fyra strives for a resource‐wise use of materials and a comprehensive understanding of the overall impacts of the choices made. A regenerative low‐carbon circular economy is a goal that Fyra works towards persistently. Fyra actively seeks information to support responsible decision‐making and updates its operating models accordingly.

Recycling point in self-service shop Box by Posti, designed by Fyra

Together with stakeholders, Fyra aims to promote the sustainability of the entire industry. Fyra is a member of the Green Building Council Finland  and is one of the original signatories of the interior designers’ emergency declaration on climate and biodiversity

For environmental sustainability issues, please contact our sustainability coordinator Sisko Anttalainen:, tel. +358 40 7482554.