Restaurant Bardot

Restaurant Bardot by top chef Hans Välimäki and Arto Rastas in the Helsinki city center is focused on classic French cuisine.The interior is based on French bistro aesthetics and Brigitte Bardot – the idea was to create an uplifting and international restaurant interior. Bardot is located in an old Art Nouveau building – the classic architecture was also a source of inspiration in the design.

The team wanted to display the food and cooking to the customers, so part of the kitchen was integrated into the restaurant hall. The functionality of the space was increased with the bar, where the restaurant can expand when full, otherwise the bar is an independent part of the restaurant with its own entrance. The lighting of the venue is flexible and  emphasizes the functionality and warm atmosphere of the space. The French atmosphere was also sought in the furniture by using vintage pieces. The fixed furniture designed by Fyra was ordered from Finnish carpenters.

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