With the building’s  thirteen floors of Hotel Torni have made the building a prominent landmark of the city of Helsinki ever since its establishment in 1931. In 2018 the hotel underwent a comprehensive renovation, with Fyra being responsible for the interior design of the restaurant, the bars, and the reception area.



1657 m²


Riikka Kantinkoski

Expertise Hospitality Design



The history of the iconic building guided the forming of the design concept. The aim was to create surprising but elegant elements that respect the building’s original architecture and historical values. As a result, the bar and restaurant spaces delight with individual and distinctive atmospheres.

Torni’s history as a meeting place of several Finnish cultural influencers is reflected in the bohemian ambience of the bars and the restaurant. In an art project run beside the renovation, new art pieces were added to Torni’s impressive art collection by tastefully mixing different styles from different time periods.

Strategy & Delivery

On the hotel’s 13th floor, at the end of a narrow spiral staircase, one can found the legendary Ateljee Bar offering views in four different directions over the rooftops of Helsinki. The Ateljee Bar was extended during the renovation to the 12th floor cabinet space with elevator connection, increasing the accessibility of the bar as a whole and adding to the number of customer seats. The materials for the rooftop bar were chosen not to compete with the impressive views, but to maximise the views through mirrored surfaces.

The restaurant OR, located on the street level of the building, presents a layering of different styles and a bold use of color creating a bohemian atmosphere with art in focus. The American Bar was restored to its original location under the dome in the center of the hotel, the shape of which is echoed by the new bar counter. The dark and elegant atmosphere of the bar is enhanced by Paavo Tynell’s lamps.


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