Hotel Torni, standing tall with its thirteen stories, has stood as a prominent city landmark in Helsinki since its establishment in 1931. A significant transformation took place in 2018 when the hotel underwent an extensive renovation, Fyra taking charge of the interior design for the restaurant, bars, and reception area.



1657 m²


Riikka Kantinkoski

Expertise Hospitality Design

Hotel Torni design by Fyra, gorgeous flooring
Hotel Torni design by Fyra close up on furniture details


Drawing inspiration from the iconic building’s rich history guided the forming of the design concept. The objective was to craft elements that are both unexpected and refined, while also paying homage to the building’s original architecture and historical significance. This endeavor has given rise to uniquely charming atmospheres within the bar and restaurant spaces.

The historical role of Torni as a gathering spot for numerous Finnish cultural influencers is echoed in the bohemian ambiance of the bars and restaurant. Running parallel to the renovation, an art project seamlessly integrated new artworks into Torni’s already impressive collection, blending diverse styles from various eras.

Hotel Torni design by Fyra, lounge area
Hotel Torni design by Fyra lounge area at the bar
Hotel Torni design by Fyra, bar

Strategy & Delivery

Located on the 13th floor of the hotel, accessible via a slender spiral staircase, rests the renowned Ateljee Bar. This establishment provides panoramic views in four distinct directions, granting a sweeping glimpse of Helsinki’s rooftops. As part of the renovation, the Ateljee Bar was expanded to the 12th floor’s cabinet area, now easily reachable via an elevator connection. This extension enhances the overall accessibility of the bar and augments its seating capacity.

In the design of the rooftop bar, materials were thoughtfully selected to complement rather than compete with the impressive views. The integration of mirrored surfaces was chosen to amplify these vistas, creating an environment where the surrounding scenery takes center stage.

Hotel Torni Design by Fyra, Ateljee Bar.
Hotel Torni Design by Fyra, Ateljee Bar.
Hotel Torni Design by Fyra, Ateljee Bar.

Located at the ground level of the building, the restaurant OR introduces a captivating fusion of diverse styles interwoven with bold use of colors to establish a bohemian ambiance that places art at the forefront. The restoration of the American Bar to its initial position beneath the central dome of the hotel stands as a prominent achievement, with the contours of the new bar counter mirroring the dome’s architecture. Adding to the bar’s dark and sophisticated allure are the exquisite lamps designed by Paavo Tynell.

Hotel torni design by Fyra, the restaurant OR
Hotel torni, design by Fyra, the restaurant OR
Hotel torni, design by Fyra, the restaurant OR, close up


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