Bistro Gina

Nestled in the heart of Helsinki, Gina is a charming Italian bistro that transports diners to nostalgic Italy. Operated by Hans Välimäki and Arto Rastas, the new restaurant infuses a breath of fresh Southern European air into Helsinki’s culinary scene by serving traditional Italian delicacies with a contemporary twist.



400 m²


Riikka Kantinkoski & Jarno Jussila

Expertise Hospitality Design


The restaurant’s aesthetics create a laid-back and vibrant dining experience. The front section of the restaurant features a spacious but intimate bar, extending its welcoming atmosphere into the late-night hours. Throughout the space, sturdy pillars establish a strong rhythm, naturally dividing the restaurant into distinct sections and enhancing its functionality. The interior design seamlessly blends relaxed, natural surface materials with elegant, refined details.

The expansive open kitchen offers customers a view of the cooking process, bringing the culinary craft right into the dining hall. Mirrored walls generate intriguing reflections, adding depth to the setting. The fixed furniture creates cozy corners for customers to enjoy dinner and drinks on their own privacy, while the gracefully flowy bespoke ceiling light fixtures infuse the space with a unique charm. This multi-layered ensemble elevates the dining experience, offering a blend of classic and modern aesthetics.

With the tasteful and intricate details complemented by warm hues of red and gracefully aging materials, Gina’s design delivers a distinctive and memorable visual concept.

Eva-Marie Eriksson

Senior Designer,
Hotels and Restaurants

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Elisa Ryhänen-Derrett

Interior Architect

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Maija Leskelä

Interior Architect
Furniture Designer
M.A. (Cultural Anthropology)

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Mimmu Hirvonen

Interior Architect SIO

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