The story of Fyra

In 2010 we had a dream: we wanted to set up an interior architecture and design company that would do things in a new way.

We wanted to create a corporate culture that would promote doing things together instead of un-der the name of one individual designer.
We wanted to develop processes that enable keeping a tight rein on projects and schedules.
We wanted to listen to the clients and succeed together with them.
We wanted to create a place of work where we would thrive and gather together people who en-joy work and life.
We wanted to set up Fyra.

During the years many of our dreams have come true and Fyra with four employees is now Fyra with a 18-strong team.
Yet, one thing hasn’t changed. We still want to look for and find new ways to make our work even better.

We want to design spaces that look like the client, not like Fyra

We start every meeting by listening.
We want people to thrive and enjoy the spaces we design.
We challenge ourselves and our clients to think in a new way.

Our solutions make the client’s business flourish

Having a project run smoothly is equally important to us as to having created successful design solutions.
We will keep the client up to speed with the progress and the costs of the project.
We want our interior solutions to yield economic benefits to our clients.

We provide solutions, not problems

We believe the best results are achieved when working together.
We enjoy what we do and we believe it is reflected also in the outcome.
We keep our heads in the clouds but our feet firmly on the ground.

Our clients