Join us in crafting tomorrow’s spaces with the Fyra Dialogues series

We believe in the transformative power of ongoing learning and the exchange of knowledge. With Fyra Dialogues, we’d like to invite you on an exploration of matters feeding our curiosity, together with us.

Kicking off the series, let’s delve deep into the realms of the metaverse. The webinar is hosted by Marina Gretsova, Digital Development Lead at Fyra Design Agency, together with Emmi Jouslehto, CEO of Arilyn.

We’ll explore the possibilites of the metaverse as a tool for crafting future spaces and elevating the overall brand experience. We’re not just talking about the future; we’re shaping it in real-time.

WHAT: 3D WEB & Metaverse Design

WHEN: November 22nd, 10.00 – 11.00 UTC+2

WHERE: Online

Register for the webinar here. We’re eagerly looking forward to have you with us!