Lapland, the northernmost region of Finland, enchants with its unique year-round light phenomena, remarkable Arctic scenery and endless outdoor sport opportunities. Nestled in the pristine landscape near the Ylläs ski resort in Äkäslompolo, the private holiday home Villa Housu snuggles into its surroundings, evoking a timeless presence similar to a steadfast Arctic creature.


Ylläs, Lapland

120 m²


ARK Helsinki

Riikka Kantinkoski

Expertise Hospitality Design



Designed in close collaboration between Fyra and the architect Otso Virtanen of ARK Helsinki, Villa Housu is tailored to cater to the needs of an active outdoor family without compromising on design integrity. From the outset the dialogue between architecture and interior architecture has been a driving force of the design. Inside, the atmosphere exudes warmth and relaxation with minimalistic design choices.

Emphasizing both functionality and visuality, every element is thoughtfully intertwined to enhance the overall user experience. Storage areas for sports equipment blend into the cohesive layout, maintaining a sense of harmony throughout the rest of the space. Every nook of the premises is thoughtfully utilized to facilitate a seamless transition from daytime activities to cozy evenings in the living room.


Finnish spruce dominates the entirety of the premises, with raw wood covering all surfaces except the bathrooms, where functionality necessitates harder materials. The extensive use of spruce not only emphasizes its essential benefits but also ensures a seamless integration with the surrounding environment. Custom-designed wooden furniture further enhances the villa’s unique character.

The building itself harmonizes with the arctic landscape, integrating the characteristics of traditional Finnish architecture into a contemporary setting. Despite being located within a new neighbourhood, strategically placed windows and openings offer glimpses of the natural scenery, fostering a sense of connection to the outdoors. The project’s ethos of soft minimalism coupled with functionality remains consistent throughout.


Elisa Ryhänen-Derrett

Interior Architect

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Eva-Marie Eriksson

Senior Designer,
Hotels and Restaurants

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Otso Virtanen

Arkkitehtitoimisto ARK Helsinki