Recap of 2023: Our Journey Towards Circular Design

Interiors matter. The cumulative impact of interior design elements and materials wield substantial long-term environmental effect, as replacements accumulate over time.

Anticipated legislative reforms in land use and building acts are set to bring crucial regulation to the field. Recognizing climate emissions throughout a building’s lifecycle, particularly in material choices, is becoming imperative.

As we embark on 2024, we would like to revisit our progress toward circular design during the last year.

Exploring Circular Design Principles with Collaborations and Training Initiatives

We actively engaged in various training programs and teaching opportunities. Circular Design – a path towards circular economy, training programme by Ministry of the Environment of Finland and facilitated by Design Forum Finland and Ethica Finland was the first and only national programme deep-diving into circular design principles.

As a part of JATKO project by LAB University of Applied Sciences, we were involved with an advanced training program for interior designers, delving into circular design.
Facilitated by Martela Group, Circular Design Tour took us on online tour across Finland to share our ways of utilising the on 9 R:s principle of circular economy in interior design, while participating Reimagining Spaces workshop with Green Building Council Finland, The Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO, Senaatti-kiinteistöt, Muotoilutoimisto 2Loops and Creative Souls Studio provided us with another opportunity to disseminate the insights from the 9Rs of principle through one-day of workshops.

Sharing Insights and Moving Towards Life Cycle Assessment

In addition to various other activities, we engaged in the Helsinki Kiertotalousklusteri, participated in a panel discussion on The Product Sustainability Framework hosted by Finnish Design Shop, attended the Business Finland Networking Event focused on Business and Cooperation in the Field of Low Carbon Built Environment at the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm, and became part of the 100 Gruppen Sweden for Nordic collaboration.

Our ongoing development efforts involve collaborations with Materialisting, contributing to a low-carbon spatial design framework with the Green Building Council Finland, and participating in the Green Deal Development initiative led by the Ministry of the Environment of Finland.

The journey continues – in 2024, our goal is to accomplish our first life cycle assessment in accordance with the forthcoming national framework for interior LCA. We aspire to explore profoundly, grasp insights, and implement the gained knowledge in our ongoing initiatives, placing a strong emphasis on collaboration. Given the magnitude of the challenges tied to climate change, working together stands as the sole path toward realizing a more circular future. Eager to continue learning and contributing!