Harnessing the strength of co-operation: Fyra partners with Materialisting

Advancements in interior material carbon footprint assessment have reached new heights with Materialisting.

With a recent EUR 300,000 growth investment, Materialisting is set to expand its presence in the sustainable construction market in Europe. The platform offers an innovative tool for evaluating environmental impact of real estate and indoor construction projects, allowing users to compare building materials and make environmentally conscious choices.

As the demand for such a platform is pressing, Fyra is stepping in as one of the investors together with Business Joensuu Oy, Redstone Nordics and two private investors. We are thrilled to be a part of this ambitious endeavour – addressing the challenges posed by climate change that the entire construction industry must confront collectively. 

Empowering Interior Designers with Environmental Data

Materialisting utilizes product-specific environmental profiles, drawing on comprehensive lifecycle data to reveal a material’s carbon emissions, ecological impacts, and suitability for a circular economy in an easily understandable way. This pioneering service integrates environmental data and technology to support responsible construction practices and contributes to the green transition. 

Beyond construction materials, Materialisting also addresses interior surfaces and furnishings, a crucial but often underestimated aspect of the (sustainable) built environment. As a forward-thinking pilot phase participant and currently also an investor, Fyra emphasizes the importance of considering interior spaces’ environmental impact. Becoming part of Materialisting does not only align with Fyra’s strategic objectives but also actively contributes to the industry’s advancement. 

The Crucial Role of Interior Design in Environmental Impact Reduction

“Emissions and environmental impacts linked to the interiors form a pivotal component of a building’s overall environmental impact over its lifecycle. Notably, as interior alterations occur approx. every 5 to 10 years, the environmental impact of these changes effectively multiplies. Designers have a crucial role in bringing these perspectives to the forefront of client awareness, ensuring that they are factored into decision-making processes.” Hanna Neuvo, CEO of Fyra, underscores the significance of meticulous planning and conscious choices. 

“Materialisting empowers designers by providing easy access to essential environmental data about products and enables them to make informed decisions. This helps to dispel the misconception that eco-friendly choices are consistently costly or aesthetically unappealing.” Neuvo emphasizes. “As an addition to the ability to reduce carbon footprint, sustainable choices can also lead to innovative and beautiful design solutions.

For more information please contact Hanna Neuvo, CEO, hanna.neuvo@fyra.fi, +358 (0)40 582 8961