Cutting-Edge Digital Services In Hospitality Design

At Fyra, our approach to designing spaces for hotels and restaurants includes thorough and methodical process: blending understanding of users’ behavioural patterns with balanced aesthetics and given brand’s nuances. We leverage a range of digital tools to craft the perfect ambiance, starting with AI-driven concept ideation followed by detailed 3D modelling for design validation.

AI-Driven Concept Ideation

Traditionally the visual component of concept design phase would be presented with mood boards of feelings, materials and colours. At Fyra, we elevate the process with the use of generative AI, enabling us to visualize and communicate the core visual themes of a concept even before finalizing architectural plans. This integration of AI allows for rapid iteration and enhances creativity, facilitating clearer communication with stakeholders.

Precision through 3D Modeling

As the design progresses, we employ sophisticated 3D modelling to test every decision. In the world of hospitality, where every detail contributes to the overall experience, our 3D models ensure that each shade and texture harmonizes to create a welcoming atmosphere. These models not only help validate design choices but also generate impressive visuals for marketing purposes ahead of a venue’s opening.

360 Tours and Digital Twins

When it comes to hotel design, fully completed 3D scene of a room serves as sustainable option for a moke-up room. Our photo-realistic 360 tours allow for detailed discussion and approval of design elements by stakeholders, minimizing the need for on-site visits and reducing construction waste. Additionally, our work on digital twins, such as for Radisson Red Helsinki and Tripla Hotel, showcases how these virtual replicas can become attractive marketing tools, accessible via smartphones, desktop browsers, or VR headsets.