Roche, the largest biotech company, is a pioneer in healthcare and a frontrunner in personalised healthcare. Roche is the global leader in cancer treatments and the leading provider of in vitro diagnostics.



1400 m²


Riikka Kantinkoski

Expertise Workplace Design



The premises of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have typically been clinical and white, as well as highly hierarchical. However, Roche wanted to create a comfortable workplace for its employees with a relaxed, team-friendly atmosphere. In line with the company’s values, the workplace must also improve the quality of life and health.

Strategy & Delivery

Fyra always designs facilities in close cooperation with the customer. The design of the premises began with workshops with Roche’s employees and experts. Roche’s new premises are located in Metsä Group’s main building in Tapiola.

The plans took into account the beautiful architecture of the building – collaboration & working cafe was located with the best sea view, at the intersection of the L-shaped base, where all employees can enjoy the view. Equality was one of the starting points for the design and it was important that the facilities serve all employees and different working habits.

The new premises combine Roche’s two different industries: diagnostics and pharmacology, the aim of the spatial design was to support cooperation between the fields. In accordance with Roche’s values, Fyra chose local furniture and materials such as Finnish wood and granite for the interior. The harmonious color scheme of the space was inspired by the surrounding seascape and nature.


Niina Sihto

Senior Designer,
WP and Concepts

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Anu Latvala

Head of Concepts
Interior Architect

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Interior Architect

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