A workplace exuding positive energy, designed for the evolving landscape of modern work. This vision came to life when Nestlé embarked on the transformation of their Finnish office to adapt to the future ways of working with the help of Fyra’s workplace development team.



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Riikka Kantinkoski

Expertise Workplace Design



Nestlé recognized the need for change as remote work gained traction, leading to the reshaping and down scaling of their Keilaniemi office space. Situated by a metro station and major commuting routes with stunning sea views, staying in the same premises was a preferred option. From the outset, sustainability was a driving force behind the spatial design. The fusion of accessibility and nature not only aligned with sustainability goals but also contributed to the essence of the project.


The design aims to foster collaboration and individual productivity by drawing inspiration from the architecture and the surroundings. Additionally, it places an emphasis on biophilia, recognizing its pivotal role in enhancing the employees’ well-being. Rooted in Nestlé’s brand narrative, the design offers flexible work setups to accommodate individual ways of working. Dedicated spaces for relaxation, physical activity, and efficient phone booths without seats embody the commitment to a dynamic work environment.


The project prioritizes both ecological and economic sustainability by preserving existing furniture and minimizing modifications. 40% of the furniture in the new office was reused without alterations, undergoing a deep clean for maintenance. Another 30% received a facelift to replace worn surfaces. New purchases, essential as there was no pre-existing suitable furniture, were strategically placed in the ‘The Nest’, a working café, the office’s central point of welcome.

The majority of working and meeting rooms were furnished with existing pieces, including the kitchen, where cabinetry and appliances found new positions. Second-hand pieces replaced some items on the furniture procurement list. Notably, 90% of recycled furniture was processed by companies ensuring reuse and avoiding landfill. The design emphasizes long-lasting materials, versatile use of space, and sustainability, favouring reused, recycled, and recyclable materials.


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