The covid pandemic significantly changed the expectations for hotels, public spaces and work environments in 2020. People valued safety, comfort and cleanliness. The new situation required new solutions.



Riikka Kantinkoski


IFI Design Distinction Awards 2022: Sustainability (Bronze)

Expertise Product Design



According to international studies, staying in nature and already watching nature elements lowers stress levels and blood pressure. However, we spend much of our time indoors, where air conditioning dries the air and contaminants spread.

The goal of biophilic interior design is to create a natural indoor environment and to reconnect with nature. The popularity of biophilic spaces is on the rise all over the world as they improve not only quality of life but also productivity and creativity.

Strategy & Delivery

Naava Oasis is a space developed by Fyra in cooperation with green wall supplier Naava providing holistic well-being to its user. Naava Oasis is particularly suitable for open spaces enabling distance and privacy while maintaining the integrity of the space. Green walls effectively clean the air while the lightweight modifiable structure provides privacy for working or calming down.

The plywood frame and acrylic walls of the oasis are made with local carpenters. Naava Oasis is part of the Naava product family, green wall technology not only takes care of the cleanliness of the air but also the humidity.