Berg & Ridge Group’s new office space, situated in the prestigious Erottaja 2 building in Helsinki, mirrors the company’s commitment to create distinctive hospitality and leisure spaces that support holistic wellbeing on a global scale.

Berg & Ridge Group


250 m²


Riikka Kantinkoski

Expertise Workplace Design

wooden panels, solid wood crafted furniture, large coffee table, dark grey-brown sofa, couple of lounge chairs, large plants, warm atmosphere
wooden panels, solid wood crafted chair, large coffee table, dark grey-brown sofa, couple of lounge chairs, large plants, warm atmosphere
local wooden Finnish furniture from solid wood, two lounge chairs with white upholstery, wooden cabinet storage and wooden panel in the background, warm atmosphere


The project was fulfilled in a rapid schedule, emphasizing sustainable choices through the incorporation of reused furniture and textiles, along with custom-made pieces by Finnish carpenters. Good collaboration among stakeholders ensured the timely completion of the project, resulting in a hospitality inspired workplace that reflects the company’s values.

large oak meeting table, with oak chairs, and two round paper pendants above, classical white door in the background
interior design photo, wooden oak table, beautiful doors in the background, wooden wall panels
an elegant meeting room in a modern office, round table, rounded dark armchairs, paper pendant above the oak table, window in the background


Located in a listed art nouveau building, the office exudes the ambiance of its historic surroundings. The design choices acknowledge the heritage of the architecture, paying homage to Finnish craftmanship. The overall atmosphere is elegantly Nordic, featuring warm wood surfaces and thoughtfully curated lighting for a sophisticated touch.

a close-up shot of a woman in an office, wooden oak table in front, white storage and white curtains in the background
modern office. oak tables, white task chairs with light upholstery
wooden muuto table, wooden chairs, greige walls


Niina Sihto

Senior Designer,
WP and Concepts

+358 (0)40 508 0332

Sisko Anttalainen

Interior Architect
Sustainability Coordinator

+358 (0)40 7482554