Cutting-Edge Digital Services In Hospitality Design

At Fyra, our approach to designing spaces for hotels and restaurants includes thorough and methodical process: blending understanding of users’ behavioural patterns with balanced aesthetics and given brand’s nuances. We leverage a range of digital tools to craft the perfect ambiance, starting with AI-driven concept ideation followed by detailed 3D modelling for design validation.

AI-Driven Concept Ideation

Traditionally the visual component of concept design phase would be presented with mood boards of feelings, materials and colours. At Fyra, we elevate the process with the use of generative AI, enabling us to visualize and communicate the core visual themes of a concept even before finalizing architectural plans. This integration of AI allows for rapid iteration and enhances creativity, facilitating clearer communication with stakeholders.

Precision through 3D Modeling

As the design progresses, we employ sophisticated 3D modelling to test every decision. In the world of hospitality, where every detail contributes to the overall experience, our 3D models ensure that each shade and texture harmonizes to create a welcoming atmosphere. These models not only help validate design choices but also generate impressive visuals for marketing purposes ahead of a venue’s opening.

360 Tours and Digital Twins

When it comes to hotel design, fully completed 3D scene of a room serves as sustainable option for a moke-up room. Our photo-realistic 360 tours allow for detailed discussion and approval of design elements by stakeholders, minimizing the need for on-site visits and reducing construction waste. Additionally, our work on digital twins, such as for Radisson Red Helsinki and Tripla Hotel, showcases how these virtual replicas can become attractive marketing tools, accessible via smartphones, desktop browsers, or VR headsets.

Fyra Dialogues I Recap: Thank you for riding the metaverse wave with us!

Big shoutout for jumping into the metaverse whirlwind with us at Fyra Dialogues! Together, we’ve been on an exhilarating journey exploring how Metaverse can shape future spaces and elevate brand experiences.

Hosted by Marina Gretsova, Digital Development Lead at Fyra Design Agency, and Emmi Jouslehto, CEO of Arilyn, the webinar unfolded into a dynamic conversation about the transformative power of the metaverse. We witnessed the convergence of diverse perspectives, fostering an environment of continuous learning and knowledge exchange.

As we conclude this enlightening chapter, we express our sincere appreciation for your engagement. Stay tuned for more exciting dialogues and opportunities to shape the future together.

Thank you for being an integral part of our community!

You can find the presentation slides here. If you missed the live webinar, you can now check out the entire recording below.


Artificial Intelligence

We are now, once again at a pivoting point in our technological development, and it’s happening at a lightning speed. At Fyra we closely follow recent tech innovations, to be sure that our spaces are built in accordance with them and to offer our clients the extra value they deserve.
This one got our hearts beating – generative AI will inevitably affect every creative field, including interior design. Fully completed images of interiors and architecture can now be created in a matter of minutes.

Just have a look at those examples we created with the text-to-image generator, Midjourney V5.

Generally, AI is said to affect 300 million jobs,  but hold your panic. AI isn’t going to take the jobs of all the designers and architects away, but it will definitely affect our workflow the way we know it.

Looking through a positive lens, imagine how much creativity and critical thinking can be unleashed, when mundane tasks can be outsourced to a machine. When that right inspirational image is literally at your fingertips.
Generative AI can be the best co-pilot in reaching initial understanding between parties, who can now just type-out into pixels how they would see the space come to life.

To take the concept of reading each other’s minds even further, a couple of graduate students in Osaka University, Japan, completed a project, where AI was diffusing images, directly from the human brain, depicting in blurred but accurate visuals what participants were seeing in their heads. Before we know if, we will be able to upload our dreams directly to Instagram!

And it doesn’t stop at text-to-image, soon enough we’ll make videos and 3D models from text prompts, as technologies like Picasso from Nvidia will become available to public

Therefore, testing concepts and ideas will happen much faster, resulting in more well-thought and balanced final solutions. Data for the Define phase of the design work would also be much easier obtained and analyzed with the help of the AI-powered copilots blooming in every possible existing platform from Microsoft office to your favorite browser.

Apart from direct professional help, think how much more eager an Architect would be to meet with a demanding Client on monday morning, after a truly peaceful weekend at home, while AI has taken care of taxes, training planning and weekly shopping arrangements

Of course, everything has its price.There is a reason world leaders are calling for a hold on the public deployment of AI tools. Lots of work needs to be done in regards of regulating and safe integration of AI in our lives, and even then there are inevitable drawbacks

As the development of the mobile internet affected our attention span, generative AI can take it even further, by stripping humanity of remaining sanity and critical thinking.
Yet, if managed well,  it can also help us solve our most serious problems, tackling climate change, democratizing education and medicine.

Either way, the irreversible process has started,  huge changes are coming to every aspect of our life. Let’s embrace it, be optimistic and proactive and let’s make it work!

If you want to explore the AI possibilities in your projects or just to hear more, please contact Marina, our Digital Development Lead, at marina@fyra.fi or +48664534105.

Virtual Reality

Metaverse worth having

Virtual Reality Services
Detailed 3D Modeling
Marketing materials

At Fyra, we stay up-to-date with technological innovations, applying them to our design process. We recognize the potential of 3D web, Metaverse and generative AI as well as the importance of classical BIM modeling and photorealistic architectural visualization to empower our daily design work.

1/2 Metaverse Design

Fyra Virtual Lounge preview, a virtual gallery of our product design and completed projects

In the Metaverse, where physical constraints and budget limitations fade away, the possibilities are endless.
Our focus lies in delivering optimally functioning virtual spaces that elevate visitor’s state through elegant visuals,  supportive audio, fostering a sense of belonging and ease.

The value of a well-designed Metaverse property transcends the ‘wow’ factor, offering tangible benefits:

  • Elevated Brand Presence: Immerse clients in unique, interactive brand experiences, fostering heightened brand awareness and engagement. Focus and return rate are 10 times higher in Virtual space, compared to traditional 2D web content
  • Cost Savings and Environmental Responsibility: Reduce costs and environmental impact by replacing physical showrooms and offices with their eco-friendly Metaverse counterparts.
  • Market Expansion & Global Reach: Showcase your products and services to a global audience within the Metaverse, enabling customers to experience, evaluate, and purchase items in an immersive and realistic virtual environment.
  • Streamlined Training and Collaboration: Transform virtual spaces into dynamic training environments and global collaboration hubs, facilitating effective employee development and worldwide teamwork.

Fyra Virtual Lounge

The main goal was to express Fyra’s  brand and values in a 3D web, simultaneously offering  a visitor an inspiring and mentally restoring experience of visiting a metaverse premise.

2/2 Digital Twins

a 3D visualization of EY Finland entrance lounge

Merging virtual and physical, we digitalize in a detailed photo-realistic manner anything from a showroom to an entire office. Completed multi-platformed 360-tour digital twins provide several benefits.

  • Design validation –thorough cross-checking of every spatial element and their compatibility, simplifies communication between parties.
  • Onboarding & Change management – gamified, asynchronous presentation of the office “playbook” or building’s functionality simplifies introduction tours,  improves the recruiting processes and onboarding.
  • Immersive International Marketing – engages users with your brand in a digital tour online and allow over-seas visits to iconic flagship stores

Ernst & Young Helsinki Headquarters Office

The digital twin of the whole office floor noticeably simplified onboarding to new office and  effective communication in regards of zoning and equipment guidelines, remaining an available tool for newcomers.

For virtual reality / metaverse project inquires or related questions please contact our digital lead, Marina Gretsova, marina@fyra.fi