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At Fyra, we stay up-to-date with technological innovations, applying them to our design process. We recognize the potential of 3D web, Metaverse and generative AI as well as the importance of classical BIM modeling and photorealistic architectural visualization to empower our daily design work.

1/2 Metaverse Design

Fyra Virtual Lounge preview, a virtual gallery of our product design and completed projects

In the Metaverse, where physical constraints and budget limitations fade away, the possibilities are endless.
Our focus lies in delivering optimally functioning virtual spaces that elevate visitor’s state through elegant visuals,  supportive audio, fostering a sense of belonging and ease.

The value of a well-designed Metaverse property transcends the ‘wow’ factor, offering tangible benefits:

  • Elevated Brand Presence: Immerse clients in unique, interactive brand experiences, fostering heightened brand awareness and engagement. Focus and return rate are 10 times higher in Virtual space, compared to traditional 2D web content
  • Cost Savings and Environmental Responsibility: Reduce costs and environmental impact by replacing physical showrooms and offices with their eco-friendly Metaverse counterparts.
  • Market Expansion & Global Reach: Showcase your products and services to a global audience within the Metaverse, enabling customers to experience, evaluate, and purchase items in an immersive and realistic virtual environment.
  • Streamlined Training and Collaboration: Transform virtual spaces into dynamic training environments and global collaboration hubs, facilitating effective employee development and worldwide teamwork.

Fyra Virtual Lounge

The main goal was to express Fyra’s  brand and values in a 3D web, simultaneously offering  a visitor an inspiring and mentally restoring experience of visiting a metaverse premise.

2/2 Digital Twins

a 3D visualization of EY Finland entrance lounge

Merging virtual and physical, we digitalize in a detailed photo-realistic manner anything from a showroom to an entire office. Completed multi-platformed 360-tour digital twins provide several benefits.

  • Design validation –thorough cross-checking of every spatial element and their compatibility, simplifies communication between parties.
  • Onboarding & Change management – gamified, asynchronous presentation of the office “playbook” or building’s functionality simplifies introduction tours,  improves the recruiting processes and onboarding.
  • Immersive International Marketing – engages users with your brand in a digital tour online and allow over-seas visits to iconic flagship stores

Ernst & Young Helsinki Headquarters Office

The digital twin of the whole office floor noticeably simplified onboarding to new office and  effective communication in regards of zoning and equipment guidelines, remaining an available tool for newcomers.

For virtual reality / metaverse project inquires or related questions please contact our digital lead, Marina Gretsova,