Real Estate Development

Complex interplay between the tangible and the intangible, between the practical and the idealistic, but always with respect to the past and an eye to the future.

Meritullitori colored facade illustration

Early Engagement for Effective Solutions: Understanding Property Owner Needs

We offer services from simple test fits to comprehensive development projects where the entire property can be transformed into new use. We aim to be involved from the beginning of the project, to best understand the needs of the property owner and the different possibilities of the space in question.

Our focus is to restore and preserve existing buildings, aiming to find the best functionalities and to make the life cycles longer by finding the best solutions for the property owners.

A spacious lobby of Perhekeskus
a wooden kitchen in a high open space, Perhekeskus

Providing Vision and Value: Maximizing Property Potential

With our in-house 3D designers, we produce high-quality digital twins of the properties that offer help in  managing property-related information. For the property owner we offer a strong vision, market distinctiveness and therefore a certainty of added value.