Hospitality Design

For us, functionality and clever visuality are intimately tied together. Our ambition in hospitality design has found its bodily form in numerous unique and thoughtful restaurants, bars and hotels.  

elegant dark green bar close-up shot
rounded sofa in a wall niche near elegant wall moldings, mild earthy colors. Kappeli resaurant in Helsinki

Crafting Memorable Experiences: Understanding the Guest Journey

Understanding the guest experience sets the base for our hospitality design process. We operate with a holistic approach that embraces the potential for spatial design to impact one’s wellbeing. Built environments have a great potential in producing happiness – spaces do, after all, work as an extension to our identity as individuals and communities.

The purpose of our work is to create ground-breaking forward leaning environments, where people want to belong and choose to be together. We aim to question the conventions as we transform spaces into visually rousing experiences.


room in a Hotel Tripla, designed by Fyra

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs: A Customized Design Process

The requirements of a space and its users are always unique, which is why our design is always customised to perfectly fit the specific needs. We believe in creating carefully thoughtful spaces emphasising on socially and environmentally responsible solutions.

We use various tools in our process from workshops to producing virtual realities in order to achieve our goals and to help our customers visualize the outcome. We create distinctive experiences that meet and go beyond both the needs and expectations of the guests as well as the service provider’s business requirements.