Digital Design

At Fyra, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and applying them to our design process. We recognize the potential of generative AI to enhance our ideation phase, and we use various forms of 3D modeling to empower our designs in later stages.

3D & Digital Development

In our concept phase, we use BIM modeling, followed by iterative, detailed 3D modeling. Final 3D scenes are used to produce photorealistic visualizations or even full-scope digital twins of the upcoming premises.

Fyra’s take on digital twin is a hyper-realistic 360 tour that displays the upcoming design of the space, as well as necessary informational content. Having a digital twin of the premises offers the following benefits:

HR support. Detailed virtual tour across the office premises, simplifies and gamifies change management, as well as recruitment and onboarding of new employees. Enriched with video, audio, and presentational content, a digital twin allows users to explore the space at their own pace and schedule.

– User Engagement & Marketing. Detailed digital twin can be embedded on the company’s website or shown through a VR headset at a fair or company event, creating a point of attraction

– Cost Optimization. Within the hospitality sector, realistic 360 tour eliminates the need for a costly and time-consuming construction of a mock-up room, which is traditionally created prior to the hotel’s launch.

In conclusion, the benefits of a detailed virtual replica of the upcoming premises go beyond mere design decision validation. Digital twin is a versatile tool, that enhances communication and creates a bridge between realities and timelines.


At Fyra, we believe that designing 3D scenes doesn’t stop at replicating physical spaces. In anticipation of the Metaverse take-off, we have delved into the specifics of virtual worlds. Even though the metaverse is in its infancy, we believe that its spaces deserve to be thoughtful and visually stunning, just like any other human environment.

Our Fyra Metaverse VR lounge is a place for virtual meetings and interactive project presentations. It is designed both for our internal needs and communication with our clients. The Fyra VR lounge carries out the function of a project room, sustainability lab, news hub, and a platform representing Fyra’s brand and values.