Workplace Design

We create working environments of tomorrow through data-based research. With our forward-thinking design, we integrate brand concepts into spaces where employees want to be present.

Cultivating Happiness at Work: Integrating Wellbeing into Design

Happiness develops people’s capacity for creative thinking and problem solving. As the number one happiest country on earth, we take a pride on our social responsibility to create spaces that enhance wellbeing. The connection between dynamic working environment and productive business is evident.



Enhancing User Engagement: Strategic Design for Futureproof Working Environments

User engagement plays a crucial role in our workplace development projects. Using different service design methods, we aim to nurture our clients’ strategy, values, and culture through the creation of functional, futureproof spaces. By incorporating clever and socially and environmentally responsible design practices, traditional constructions can be rethought. We believe in carefully curated spaces that cherish being together – spaces that have a meaning.

Hospitality Design

For us, functionality and clever visuality are intimately tied together. Our ambition in hospitality design has found its bodily form in numerous unique and thoughtful restaurants, bars and hotels.  

elegant dark green bar close-up shot
rounded sofa in a wall niche near elegant wall moldings, mild earthy colors. Kappeli resaurant in Helsinki

Crafting Memorable Experiences: Understanding the Guest Journey

Understanding the guest experience sets the base for our hospitality design process. We operate with a holistic approach that embraces the potential for spatial design to impact one’s wellbeing. Built environments have a great potential in producing happiness – spaces do, after all, work as an extension to our identity as individuals and communities.

The purpose of our work is to create ground-breaking forward leaning environments, where people want to belong and choose to be together. We aim to question the conventions as we transform spaces into visually rousing experiences.


room in a Hotel Tripla, designed by Fyra

Tailored Solutions for Unique Needs: A Customized Design Process

The requirements of a space and its users are always unique, which is why our design is always customised to perfectly fit the specific needs. We believe in creating carefully thoughtful spaces emphasising on socially and environmentally responsible solutions.

We use various tools in our process from workshops to producing virtual realities in order to achieve our goals and to help our customers visualize the outcome. We create distinctive experiences that meet and go beyond both the needs and expectations of the guests as well as the service provider’s business requirements.


We believe in a holistic approach, emphasizing the synergy between architecture and interior design for optimal results.

Architectural visualization for L3 lobby

Human Scale Architecture: Integrating Architecture and Interior Architecture

Our services include principal design, building design, architectural design and concept design, with a strong focus on sustainable repair construction. Our architectural solutions are strongly linked to real estate development, aiming to enhance property value through profound study of user needs and location dynamics. Guided by an understanding of the human scale, our architectural projects prioritize user-centric design principles, ensuring spaces are tailored to serve their users.

Real Estate Development

Complex interplay between the tangible and the intangible, between the practical and the idealistic, but always with respect to the past and an eye to the future.

Meritullitori colored facade illustration

Early Engagement for Effective Solutions: Understanding Property Owner Needs

We offer services from simple test fits to comprehensive development projects where the entire property can be transformed into new use. We aim to be involved from the beginning of the project, to best understand the needs of the property owner and the different possibilities of the space in question.

Our focus is to restore and preserve existing buildings, aiming to find the best functionalities and to make the life cycles longer by finding the best solutions for the property owners.

A spacious lobby of Perhekeskus
a wooden kitchen in a high open space, Perhekeskus

Providing Vision and Value: Maximizing Property Potential

With our in-house 3D designers, we produce high-quality digital twins of the properties that offer help in  managing property-related information. For the property owner we offer a strong vision, market distinctiveness and therefore a certainty of added value.

Concept Design

With our future-proof design, we cut through complex matters to create novel ideas, business possibilities and innovations. Complexity into simplicity.  

close-up of a yellow bench, pale yellow tiles and yellow artek stool with wooden legs
a close up shot of a blue kitchen behind a terracotta curtain, Box shop by Posti

Crafting Spatial Narratives: Research-Based Design Solutions

We work in close dialogue with our clients to bring abstract ideas into a concrete shared vision and are committed to creating unified brand experiences, validated concepts and spatial solutions. We create a narrative of the space with a research-based insight and knowledge, as our solutions serve the customer with future oriented, sustainable practises.

Retail Design

There is notable potential for strengthening the brand value and customer loyalty through the creation of future-proof, stand out retail spaces that value the significance of customer experiences.

raws of chrome lockers on the left and beautiful beige seating bench on the right, lady walking, Box by Post, by Fyra
rounded armchair in front of a mirrored reception desk, Skanno

Navigating the New Retail Era: Importance of Experiential Space Design

In the swiftly evolving landscape of retail, driven by the surge of e-commerce and evolving consumer behaviors, the importance of experiential space design has become more pronounced than ever. Physical environments now serve as powerful tools for conveying brand identity, offering opportunities for re-define brand identity. Our philosophy revolves around crafting immersive, unforgettable customer experiences through pioneering service and spatial design methodologies.



Recycling point in self-service shop Box by Posti, designed by Fyra

Creating Authentic Brand Spaces: Understanding Customer Needs

At the core of our retail design philosophy lies a deep understanding of diverse target demographics. By delving into their needs and preferences, we sculpt distinct spaces that authentically reflect the essence of the customer’s brand.

Product Design

To us, designing products is always a deliberate process rooted in purpose and driven by the needs uncovered in our projects. By seamlessly merging practical functionality with timeless visual appeal, we endeavor to craft furniture and products that transcend mere utility.  

boa family: armchairs, bench and a sofa in beige and stiped upholstery
red boa chair view from top

Purpose-Driven Innovation: Blending Functionality and Aesthetics

Whether it’s through the incorporation of biophilic design elements or the pursuit of elegant everyday practicality, our creations are meticulously crafted to resonate with and elevate the experiences of those who interact with them. Our aim remains consistent: to create products that resonate with users on a profound level and enrich their daily lives.



Fem desk a wooden transformable desk standing by a white brick wall
naava oasis, structure to create a well-ness stop-by point in any office

Virtual Reality

Metaverse worth having

Virtual Reality Services
Detailed 3D Modeling
Marketing materials

At Fyra, we stay up-to-date with technological innovations, applying them to our design process. We recognize the potential of 3D web, Metaverse and generative AI as well as the importance of classical BIM modeling and photorealistic architectural visualization to empower our daily design work.

1/2 Metaverse Design

Fyra Virtual Lounge preview, a virtual gallery of our product design and completed projects

In the Metaverse, where physical constraints and budget limitations fade away, the possibilities are endless.
Our focus lies in delivering optimally functioning virtual spaces that elevate visitor’s state through elegant visuals,  supportive audio, fostering a sense of belonging and ease.

The value of a well-designed Metaverse property transcends the ‘wow’ factor, offering tangible benefits:

  • Elevated Brand Presence: Immerse clients in unique, interactive brand experiences, fostering heightened brand awareness and engagement. Focus and return rate are 10 times higher in Virtual space, compared to traditional 2D web content
  • Cost Savings and Environmental Responsibility: Reduce costs and environmental impact by replacing physical showrooms and offices with their eco-friendly Metaverse counterparts.
  • Market Expansion & Global Reach: Showcase your products and services to a global audience within the Metaverse, enabling customers to experience, evaluate, and purchase items in an immersive and realistic virtual environment.
  • Streamlined Training and Collaboration: Transform virtual spaces into dynamic training environments and global collaboration hubs, facilitating effective employee development and worldwide teamwork.

Fyra Virtual Lounge

The main goal was to express Fyra’s  brand and values in a 3D web, simultaneously offering  a visitor an inspiring and mentally restoring experience of visiting a metaverse premise.

2/2 Digital Twins

a 3D visualization of EY Finland entrance lounge

Merging virtual and physical, we digitalize in a detailed photo-realistic manner anything from a showroom to an entire office. Completed multi-platformed 360-tour digital twins provide several benefits.

  • Design validation –thorough cross-checking of every spatial element and their compatibility, simplifies communication between parties.
  • Onboarding & Change management – gamified, asynchronous presentation of the office “playbook” or building’s functionality simplifies introduction tours,  improves the recruiting processes and onboarding.
  • Immersive International Marketing – engages users with your brand in a digital tour online and allow over-seas visits to iconic flagship stores

Ernst & Young Helsinki Headquarters Office

The digital twin of the whole office floor noticeably simplified onboarding to new office and  effective communication in regards of zoning and equipment guidelines, remaining an available tool for newcomers.

For virtual reality / metaverse project inquires or related questions please contact our digital lead, Marina Gretsova,

Insight and Foresight

As the world around us changes rapidly, understanding the needs of the future users is increasingly crucial.  To tackle the challenges tied to the fast changes, we offer future oriented solutions and profound business comprehension integrated to our projects.

collection of modern material samples on the table

Crafting Spaces with Purpose: Aligning Spaces with User Behavior and Culture

Understanding user behavior requires insights. A space must align with its people’s culture to fulfill its purpose effectively. Insight enables us to deeply explore brand identity, company culture, or target customer demographics, ensuring that the resulting space is not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also resonates with brand values, culture, and customer needs.

a young man putting on a VR headset

Future-Proof Design: From Insights to Successful Design Outcomes

We integrate service design methodologies into our process, engaging users through interviews and vision workshops. This approach allows us to transform physical spaces into successful outcomes. Foresight provides a comprehensive understanding of future trends. By adopting forward-thinking strategies, we design spaces with flexibility and adaptability, ensuring longevity. We collaborate with various experts in providing our customers with foresight reports of a wide variety of fields.