Workery+ Vallila

In the autumn of 2020, Fyra had the opportunity to participate in YIT’s Workery+ project, the aim of which was to implement a service concept for the new normal of working. Together with Microsoft YIT had created “The Year Zero Report” study which defines seven lessons for the future of working and the affect this new normal has on people and their workspaces. Workery+ Vallila is the first concrete outcome on what this new service model would look like.

The plans for the new kind of shared office and remote working space were put into action quickly. The Sturenportti building in Vallila had gone through renovations during different time periods. Thus, a clear unified feeling of space needed to be created. The protected iron floors in the old bakery part of the building served as an inspiration for the reproduction of the industrial atmosphere throughout the premises.

Workery+ Vallila offers workspaces for operators of all sizes. The building consists of open lobby space with café, lunch restaurant, project and meeting rooms, common working spaces, and quiet, soundproofed workspaces. A professional webcast studio is also one of the special services tha Workery+ Vallila has to offer. Workery+ Vallila is a co-working space designed to meet the needs of the new changed ways of working.

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