Solita’s spaces created by listening to the employees

In July 2018 technology company Solita chose Fyra to create a new key concept for their premises. At the same time, it would change the working culture of the growing company.


Solita chose Fyra to address a challenge that had come up in the business: how to create a space that enables growth without the addition of actual square metres. The company had already conducted utilisation rate calculations and employee surveys. Fyra reviewed the initial data, participated in group interviews and helped create the vision the company had for their spaces.

Then Fyra collaborated with Solita’s service designers (Palmu) and co-designed an approach for the Solita employees to be able to participate in the concept design through workshops.

“The cooperation was close and successful. We met face-to-face with about 300 Solita employees”, says Fyra’s Niina Ojutkangas, who lead the project.


The result was a concept tailored to take into consideration the changing needs of both individuals as well as teams. There were different types of spaces. One of them, Daily, was built in the immediate vicinity of the team huts. It was a place for the teams to have their daily 15-minute stand-up meeting. The workstation areas consist of flexible solutions so teams can grow or become smaller without major changes.

The important thing for a growth company is to be able to meet clients and stakeholders. This is now easy with the Meet up venue area.

A great deal of conference rooms with efficient use of space were designed. All equipped with great video technology enabling working from wherever you are in Finland – or in the world.

On the other hand, a shared café provides a natural way for employees to come together which, in turn, supports innovation.


The concept was tested in the smaller Solita offices in Turku, Lahti and Tallinn as well as in a separate pilot space in Tampere. Each location provided new information and the concept was developed accordingly. A well-prepared space concept enabled the completion of the Helsinki offices in six months from signing the lease to the new location.

Despite the tight schedule, the Helsinki office, too, has a lot of custom furniture and fixtures designed specifically for the premises.

A well-thought-out and flexible concept ensures effortless growth for Solita in the future also.

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