Skanno Showroom

When design furniture retailer Skanno found new premises for their showroom in Helsinki, Fyra was given the task to design a new spatial concept and customer journey for the company. The process started with interviewing different target groups and laying out all the diverse needs with consulting company un/known. Including Skanno’s own workers and designers into planning was an essential part of the implementation.

To promote the intuitive customer journey, guiding elements were created. Graphic arc lights were placed over the many doors of the property to lead the customers in the right direction and into new visual worlds like a gate. The core of the spatial concept was to create a visual and distinctive space with finished and homely atmosphere. Materials and fixed furniture, such as the desk with a mirror surface, were designed to be distinctively modern as a contrast to the historic architecture. Strong contrasts and visual variations between the rooms also effectively deepen the visual experience.

Skanno’s design team was responsible for the furniture design of the space. The brand new Skanno Showroom was opened in the spring of 2021.

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