Bardem is a modern cocktail bar in the heart of Helsinki

The restaurant Penélope gets a new neighbor:  Bardem, a cool and casual cocktail bar specializing in mixed drinks. 

The strategy

When the restauranteurs behind Penélope, Hans Välimäki and Arto Rastas, decided to create a totally new concept in Helsinki, they turned to Fyra. And based on the visual identity created by Kallan & Co, we set out to create the perfect place for everything from celebrations to drinks after work. The result is Bardem – a totally unique bar that people love to visit and hate to leave.

The very first thing that needed doing was to transform the two-story space in Helsinki’s Epicenter building from a store into a restaurant, giving the surrounding offices, stores and other restaurants a classy yet not-at-all-uppity new neighbor.

The concept

The idea was for the restaurant to literally center around a large bar featuring prominently-placed bottles. The bar is meant to be an attention-grabber, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their own personal space. The dark ambiance and dim lighting provide protection from prying eyes. And the laidback vibe pulls guests in and provides a refuse from the hectic life of the outside world.

The implementation

Bardem’s interior naturally combines the old with the new, creating a unique and laidback atmosphere. The recycled and reupholstered furniture and curtains create a soft and intimate acoustic environment throughout the entire space.

Bardem is a modern-day speakeasy where nuances from the 80s all the way to today come together to create something totally new.


The International Hotel and Property Awards 2020: Bar/Club/Lounge – Europe (Shortlisted)

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