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In the spring of 2020 Skanska Homes began the process of renovating their home stores. The aim was to improve the accessibility, visibility, functionality and visuality of the stores and thus provide customers with a fluent, enjoyable, and reliable customer experience. Comprehensive service and interior design set was generated through workshops, where customers and staff were involved in mapping all the different development needs. Relying on this thorough groundwork, Fyra and Motley created a vision for an inspiring, holistic customer experience. To best serve these development needs, the old home store concept would undergo a comprehensive reformation. Skanska Studio was born.

The first Skanska Studio was located at street level on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki. The vision was to create a “housing laboratory”, an easy-to-use and visually pleasing studio space where customers could make material choices for their houses and even make the decision to purchase a new home. Different tools, such as tablets and touch screens, were added so that customers could familiarize themselves with different materials spontaneously without having to reserve an appointment with the customer service representative in advance. The space designed for Skanska Studio is also ideal for organizing professional and customer events. The technology that enables streaming ensures that events can also include a remote audience.

The visual outlook of the studio was intended to act as a clean canvas for a variety of different presentation materials. To make the process of operating with different materials easier for customers, a themed color principle was created. According to this color principle different materials are easy to find and put back in place. Sustainable construction was made strongly visible in Skanska Studio, which in turn encourages customers to choose materials with a sustainable state of mind. In the future the new concept of Skanska Studios will be brought across the country.

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